Jira Service Desk - Dashboard for issues about to breach

Hi, I am very new to Jira and eazyBI. I need a dashboard that will show how many hours are left before an issue breaches according to the SLA we have configured in our Service Desk project.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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To calculate time to the planned breach time for issues, you may want to create a measure to calculate the date difference between Issue SLA Due date and now:

   [Measures].[Issue SLA Due date],

Instead of SLA use the correct SLA name!

This calculation works only when issues are selected in rows (as it uses issue property value for the calculation). Also, it won’t work for completed cycles, as SLA Due date is stored only for uncompleted cycles!

Ilze, support@eazybi.com

This is great and helped me out allot, thanks.

Now for an added Column how to I express “Issue SLA Due date” as a % of time to breach

For example, if SLA = 4 hours and the issue has 2 hours to breach this will display 50%

Ricardo Da Silva