Jira Status Wise Weekly Report

Hi There,

We are building a report to show Jira issues count on each status on weekly basis.

Below is a sample trend report.

Period “To Do” “In Progress” Testing Resolved
Week 13, 2020
Week 14, 2020
Week 15, 2020
Week 16, 2020
Week 17, 2020

Please help me with the options how to create the report.

Thanks in advance.

You would like to use measure Issues history to show historical count of issues at the end of each period with dimension Transition status. The dimension Transition status represents the historical statuses of issues.

Here are some example reports in our demo account for this:
Unresolved issues by statuses over time. Here is a description of how the report was built
Cumulative flow diagram. Here is a description of how the report was built.

Those two reports are quite common and therefore included in Samples Jira issues folder starting with eazyBI version 6.0 by default.

You can use one of them as a basis and select particular Transition status dimension members on Columns you would like to analyze. If you have version 6.0 and you would like to modify any sample report, please save the modified report in a separate folder with the new name. We override sample reports with every import.

Daina / support@eazybi.com