Label Update Dates

As I understand it Label can contain multiple values and within Jira it’s possible to see when any of the values where changed using the History tab. However, it looks like eazyBI does not capture these ‘change’ dates, making it impossible to capture how long a specific Label value was applied to the issue.

  1. Is my understanding correct?
  2. Does anyone know of a workaround?
    Many thanks

You are correct, eazyBI does not capture and does not import any changes for multi-value custom fields. Currently, we do not plan updates here, as we have not identified any reasonable way for importing and storing those changes. However, we have this idea still in the back of our minds and I added a community vote to it.

Meantime, we suggest using some scripted fields in Jira to track changes for some Labels to support some specific scenarios. While we do not have any examples for Labels, here are some examples for using scripted fields.

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