Language Profile Configuration Impact on Eazybi Reports

Hello community!

I’ve encountered a use case that is causing me some issues.

In my work team, I have two users: one with their personal profile configured in Spanish (User A) and another with their personal profile configured in English (User B).

In Eazybi, User B created an account and a data source where he was the User Owner. Within this account, a report was created that utilizes a calculated measure which references [status.category].[In progress].

It’s worth noting that when we reference [status.category], Eazybi provides us with the following options: “In progress,” “To do,” and “Done.”

After some time, User A renamed the import user (reset authorization), making himself the import user. However, upon checking the created report, he noticed it was failing. It turns out that [status.category] now displays the status categories in Spanish:

It no longer displays the categories in English as it did previously, causing the old formula [status.category].[In progress] to no longer work.

case status category

This issue, as well as others, has caused failures in many of my reports. Therefore, I would like to know if this is a system bug or if there is something we may have overlooked in our configuration to prevent this from happening.

Thanks in advance for your help with this matter! Cheers!

Hi, @Miqueas_Milanesio

Sorry for not answering earlier.

This known problem was resolved in release 6.2.0 / Released Jan 14, 2021.
Changelog - eazyBI for Jira: Changelog - eazyBI for Jira

The solution was always to import status categories in English. Please check the version of eazyBI you are using.


Thank you, @ilze.mezite!

I find it rather odd that I’m encountering these issues using version 6.3.4-AC, just as I’ve described. Nevertheless, I managed to address the problem temporarily by adjusting the formulas to match the language of the source owner. Fortunately, the user doesn’t use a large number of formulas, so the impact is currently manageable.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this won’t lead to any unexpected problems down the road.

Hi, @Miqueas_Milanesio

Thank you for the additional information!

eazyBI takes User language into account on the Cloud. For now, the full re-import with the user, that has English as a User language set, might help.

I created a ticket on behalf of you. I don’t have any estimates on solving this. We will let you know once there are any developments.


@ilze.mezite Thanks you very much!