Last 15 days does not work

I want to created a report that shows tickets created in the last 15 days. I thought it would be simple, copy the measure of last 30 days and change the number but it is not working. But I know there is data in those dates because the last 2 weeks filter works.

Does not work:

My code is:

  [Time].[Month].DateMembersBetween('15 days ago', 'today')

I am not sure what is wrong.

Hi @Lara_LG,

The Time dimension calculated member is defined to consider “Month” level members. A month member’s start date might not be within the set period of the last 15 days.

Change it to look for “Day” level members, and it will work. You can take the predefined calculated member “Last 30 days” as an example.

Roberts //

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