Last 5 Sprints only for EazyBi Velocity

I will like to limit the number of sprints that EazyBi displays on the “agile report”/ velocity report to only the last 5 closed sprints. Right now, the report shows data for over 11 last closed sprints. Can you please advise? Thanks.

Hello @Dahun_Mamora

We have a similar report built in our demo account. Please check it out here - Sprint velocity chart - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI You will see a custom calculated member “Last 5 closed sprints from all boards” created in this report that you can use in your report as well.

Elita from

I created a new calculated member for “last 5 closed sprints”, but nothing changed. The demo also has “last 5 closed sprints” but still shows 10 sprints.
How can I use this new calculated member so that it is actually reflected on the report?


Thank you for following up. To help you with your case, I will need more details. Could you please export and share the definition for your eazyBI report (instructions below) and send it to

I will try to help you once I see these details

Kind regards,

Elita from

Hello @Elita.Kalane ,

I just provided the information. Hope to hear back soon. Thanks.