Last Record in a Time Period

I am tracking a metric that is continuously increasing in value (test coverage). I would like to create a timeline for the metric. In order to do so, I want to take the test coverage percentage value from the last record of a day.

I have tried various approaches using Tail, bottomcount etc but nothing seems to work. Any help on this?

Hi @Rutwij_Devashrayee,

For data representation on the timeline, you might want to use historical measures representing the value at the end of each period on report rows, like, day or week, etc. More details on historical values for Jira fields are described here: Import issue change history.

Another common use case is to show accumulated value over time using standard calculation Cumulative sum. More details are described in the documentation: Create reports - Add standard calculations based on a selected measure.

Regarding calculating measures, there is a new function PreviousRowValue that returns the value of the previous report row and is handy to compare values of two neighboring rows. Currently, this function is available only on Cloud.

Zane /

Hello @zane.baranovska I tried using the PreviousRowValue function but there are not a lot of examples of use cases available for it. Do you have something available like that?