Last Transition To date for more than 1, multiple, Status options, depending on Issue Type

I am trying to determine the last date that issues transitioned to the “done” statuses of “Complete”, “Done” or “Task Complete”, depending on issue type, where the respective statuses indicating completion (“done”) are:
“Complete” for Stories
“Done” for Bugs
“Task Complete” for Tasks

This works well for a single issue (Story) scenario:
([Measures].[Transition to status last date],
[Transition Status].[Complete],

Your help is appreciated.

Hi, @willmax

For this, you can aggrigate all the Done statuses ( "Complete ", "Done " or "Task Complete ") in one member; for example, let’s call it “All Done”. This solution depends on each problem type following its workflow, and other statuses is not interfering.

Define a new calculated member in Transiton status dimension using this formula:

Aggregate( { [Transition Status].[Compleated], [Transition Status].[Done], [Transition Status].[Task Compleated] } )

And then use the member “All Done” into your calculation:

([Measures].[Transition to status last date],
[Transition Status].[All Done],

Kind regards,

Thank You @ilze.mezite! This is very helpful!