LDAP User base Issue

Hi Team,

We have a scenario to fetch users from multiple OU’s in the same DC in LDAP using AD. Can someone provide the query to fetch all active users from the same DC or fetch users from different OU paths in same DC.

Hi @anusha

Here is one scenario we have tested today.

First, these settings were in ldap.toml (base = “ou=people,o=jva”) that included all users.

Then, the following OU was added to LDAP server OU: “ou=other_people,o=jva” on one user was added in it. As expected, the user couldn’t log into eazyBI.

Next, in ldap.toml file the change was done to "base = “o=jva”
After that users from both OUs (“ou=people,o=jva” & “ou=other_people,o=jva”) were able to log in to eazyBI

This is tested on eazyBI 6.1.0 with Apache Directory Studio inbuilt server.
So it should work also on newer eazyBI versions.

I hope it helps.
Martins / eazyBI support