Lead Time report is not showing some issues

I’m analyzing some reports and noticed that some issues are not being displayed in the Leadtime report. The common point is that they were finished in less than 1 minute and are cloned items.
Any suggestions on what might be going on?

I am using the default report template.

Hi @Marina_Vital ,
eazyBI imports four numbers after comma for day measures and thus if the action has been done in less than 3 sec then it won’t appear in the report.
If you are using Average days in transition status (or another measure that returns a result is days) then you can multiply that measure to get minutes or seconds (then change the formatting for the measure as well).

Here is the difference in the report using this measure (as you can see there is 0 sec for “In Progress” status):

If your calculation uses DateDiffMinutes() then you can explore the option to multiply the result with 60 to get seconds.

If you need further help, please share your report definition with us in eazyBI support mail.

Gerda // support@eazyBI.com