Limit data shown to the last 6 months

I’m a newbie in eazyBI and have (maybe) very basic questions, but I ask for your help.
I need to limit the data shown in my cube based on the creation date of each issue, but I need to show only the issues created in the last 6 months.
Without this kind of filtering, all the data is shown, even very old data that are unnecessary. See the attached image.
How must I configure my Time component to limit the data shown?
Thanks in advance.


Please try using dynamic date filters to filter the time period in your report:

An alternative would be using calculated members for “Time” dimension.

You could explore our demo account, there is a similar calculaed member to show only “last 3 months” when “Time” is used both in pages and rows as dimension.

Feel free to copy the code from there and use on your own eazyBI report.

Martins / eazyBI support

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Hi, martins.vanags,

Thank you very much for your valuable clues!

Antonio Duarte.