Limit sprints velocity report to X number of sprints with or without the current active sprint

I have a sprints velocity report (committed, added and completed) per board (boards are filters as bookmarks) but it present ALL the sprints opened for this board - closed, current active and future ones.
How can I filter and present only the last X closed sprints and the current active sprint.

Hi @Yaron_Moon,

In the “Sprint” dimension, you can create a new calculated member to group the last closed and active sprints. Please see the documentation for more details on when and how to create calculated members: Calculated members in other dimensions

The expression to the group of the last 5 sprints among closed and active sprints in each board might look like this:

    -- get all boards
      -- for each board access all sprints and get the last 3 closed
          --check on closed and active sprints
          [Sprint].CurrentMember.Get('Status') MATCHES 'Closed|Active'),
        -- count of last sprints from board

If boards are project-based, you can use the “Project” dimension on report pages to run reports on one board at the time.

In the demo account are several examples of calculated members in Sprint dimension to group specific combinations: Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI