Line Chart to display automated vs manual testcase count overtime

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I have a custom field called “Automation Status” which I am using to indicate if a test in JIRA-Xray is “Automated” , “Manual" or “Pending Automation”. I want to create a chart that displays the cumulative count of tests per month where the “Automation Status” field was changed to “Automated”. How do I go about doing that?

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If this custom field is a single-select custom field, you can enable value change import, using advanced settings as described there:

After changes are imported, you may create a custom measure (in Measures) to count issues having transitions to a specific field value. The calculation would contain hidden dimensions and measures for counting changes

[Measures].[Transitions to issues count],
[Transition field].[Automation Status],
[Automation Status].[Automated]

Check dimension “Automation Status” and member “Automated” names!

Then, in the report, select Time dimension in rows and use needed level (days or months) and this newly created measure in columns. Then use option “Add calculates” --> “Cumulative sum” --> With empty or Without empty to get column with a cumulative value:

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