Line graph with per-day resolution but monthly x-axis labeling

I have a fairly simple time-vs completed Epics table that I need to line graph. I would like my time rows and graph line to be day level resolution. When I (line) graph this, my time x-axis tries to print every single day in the axis label area below the x-axis. How can I label this axis by month while maintaining the line resolution/shape on day level? Like a “summarized on month” labeling. Is this possible?

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Hi @daveaust,

The bar and Line charts would show on axes labeled for each report row. If you represent data for each day, then eazyBI writes all dates on the x-axis.
You might want to use the Timeline chart type, which has several advantages:

  • the time representation on x-axis is homogenous
  • while line (or bars, or area) represents results for individual dates, the labels are assigned according to available space on the screen.

More details on the Timeline chart described in the documentation: Create charts

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Thank you for the info and ideas. Will try this approach!