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Hi everyone,

I just started using EazyBI and am the only one in our company using it as of now (Am doing an internship and goal is to setup a reporting for our department/projects). Therefore I am an absolute newb.

What I want to do:

Show the capacity per Sprint within velocity reporting. This can either be done as a line, or, normalized value to gain more insight. Capacity fluctuates highly within the sprints.

We are tracking capacity per Sprint in an additional CSV File, unfortunately there’s no getting around.

I tried to upload the CSV as a Source File but can’t seem to get it to work. How do I add the capacity e.g. 0.8 to a specific sprint?

The CSV has following format: Column1=Sprint e.g. “Sprint 1”, Column2=Capacity. Sprint “Name” is identical to the one from JIRA data.
I chose: column1 dimension=Sprint, column 2 dimension=measures
The data types I chose for column 1=string, column 2=decimal
Error message: Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value “Sprint 1” to data type int.

Thank you for your help

Hi @BS101

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Congratz on your internship, and I hope you’re gonna have an awesome time!

If the Sprints have unique names (not the same Sprint names across different projects and boards), then you should be able to map the capacity values to the sprints with these two columns- Sprint name and Capacity.

In the Data mapping window, click the “edit” button for the Advanced settings of your Sprint name column and select the “Name column” option. This will force the mapping to match with sprint names instead of IDs.

If the Sprints don’t have unique names and different boards can have the same Sprint names, then you can create a CSV file with three columns- Board name, Sprint name and Capacity.

Map the first two columns to the Sprint dimension, but be sure to set the “Board name” column to be mapped to the Board level and the Sprint names to the Sprint level. Again, select the “Name column” option in the “edit” section.

Let me know if this helps you move forward!
If you are still experiencing issues, you can post a screenshot of your current mapping.
​Best regards,
​Nauris / eazyBI support

Hi @nauris.malitis,

sorry for the late reply, we had to get the Board(s) sorted in order for everything to work which took some time.

Your first approach for unique Sprint names worked without issues, thank you so much!

Best regards

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