Linked Issue' field value in a calculated Measure

Hi All,
I am pretty new to eazyBI, could you please help me out with the following

  1. I have a report, which shows values of the Measure called “Outstanding Value”. Works fine.
  2. I have a dimension “Outstanding Currency” created from issue link.
  3. Outstanding Currency dimension members have custom number field called “Rate”, which is imported as Property

What I need to show is Outstanding Value multiplied by Rate.
I created Custom measure:
[Measures].[Outstanding amount due]*[Outstanding Currency].CurrentMember.get(‘Rate’)

It works perfectly when Outstanding Currency is in a row. When I remove Outstanding Currency, it displays nothing.
How do I make easyBI to calculate for each issue its Outstanding Amount * Rate and then let eazyBI aggregate it according to current report setup?


For the sake of future searches having the same problem, here is how it can be achieved:

Descendants([Outstanding Currency].CurrentHierarchyMember,[Outstanding Currency].[Outstanding Currency]),
Not IsEmpty([Outstanding Currency].CurrentMember.get(‘Rate’))
[Measures].[Outstanding amount due]>0
[Measures].[Outstanding amount due]*[Outstanding Currency].CurrentMember.get(‘Rate’)

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