Linked issues as a dimension

Hello i’m trying to show all issues which has the linked issue of blocked
can you help me in that ?
I have imported the custom field and wrote this piece of code like the documentation
data_type = “string”
dimension = true
name = “Linked Issues”
source_dimension = “Issue”
issue_id_column = “linked_issue_id”
group = “Linked issue dimensions”

but it still doesn’t show

Hi @Enjy_Essam,

You might have stumbled upon the wrong documentation article. To define issue links in eazyBI, this documentation page will be of great help -

You will see some examples of defining issue links and tips on tailoring the parameters to your specific use-case on the linked documentation page. Remove the parameters starting from [[jira.issue_link_field_dimensions]]. They seem to come from the issue link field dimension documentation page. That is an entirely different matter.

The parameters for blocked issues could look similar to the ones below if you are using the default issue link “blocks -> is blocked by”:

  name = "Blocked issues"
  outward_link = "blocks"
  dimension = true

See a screenshot of a report below:

You can see all the blocked issues and the number of issues that block them via the measure “Issues created”. You can then drill through issues to see blocking issues or add the Issue dimension to the report.

Roberts //

i use the default issue link blocks and i used your code but it still doesn’t show as a dimensioneazybi

Hi @Enjy_Essam,

Did you select the issue link for import in the eazyBI import options “Custom fields” tab -

If that doesn’t help either, please share a screenshot of the Jira issue linking settings and highlight the issue link the issues are using -

Roberts //