Linked issues for epics and requirement

Hi Team,

I am trying to achieve linked issues of various epics using the format given in the image.

I have a label “A” for which I have couple of epics and requirements tagged.
My design for the report should be in such a way that I get all linked issues related to these epics & requirements which were tagged to label “A”


If label I choose from Pages is “Label A” then I would want its associated Epic, followed by the linked requirement for those epics, followed by linked stories for the requirement.


Let me know in case its feasible. Please note I do not have system admin access in order to import dimensions.

While I see your point you can’t import additional data, this is strongly suggested and needed for this setup.

eayzBI does not import any references to linked issues by default. While, you can get isues in epices by default (requests) you might need additional setup to get a hierarchy of Epics>Requests>Stories>Sub-tasks
You can check out this community post with a description on how to build the hierarchy similarly to yours:

You would like to define a issue link field dimension for Epic Label as well. However, for this particular hierarchy, you would need to use not a default suggested setup, but the new epic link custom field (customfield_epic) described in the linked community topic.

Here is a suggested definition for Epic Label using the new epic link field using a issue link field dimensions:

name = “Epic Label”
source_dimension = “Label”
issue_key_column = “customfield_epic”
group = “Linked issue dimensions”

Please remember you would like to select the issue link field dimension in Additional options tab for import.

If you would like to mockup the setup without involving an admin, you can consider creating calculated members in Issue dimension. You can create a new calculated member for each Label and handpick - list any epic, requirement, and story you would like to analyze for a label within this calculated member. It might work as a mockup to test some concepts and get initial reports working. For the long term solution, I would suggest considering the creation of the hierarchy and importing issue link field dimension.

Daina /