Linked Issues with Issue types & Associated Test Cases with Test Case Summary

Hi Team,

We need to create a report with Linked issues using issue links.
We use two issue types in Jira Gap & Epic,we tried the below issue link formula in eazybi to create the report Gap linked the Epic but its not working as expected.
Could you help us to fix it by providing the soluntion.

And also if possible we need to create report Gap linked with Epic & its associated Test Cases with Test Case Summary & Count.

Gap linked to Epic
Formula used in Eazybi Advance Settings:
name = “Links of Gap issue”
outward_link = [“Base Defect”,“Gap Associated to Req(SR)”,“is duplicated by”]
inward_link = [“Base Defect”,“Discrepancies related to Release”,“Req(SR) Associated to Gap”,is duplicated by"]
dimension = true

Report 2:
Gap linked to Epic & its associated Test Case with Test Case Summary

Revathy Madhavan

Hi, @RevathyMadhavan02 ,

Thank you for your question.

For the First report:

Defining links, it’s important to include issue type and choose what you want to outward_link or inward_link.
Please read more about Issue link import here: Import issue links

Example based on your case, double check if the link names are correct:

name = "Epics of a Gap"
outward_link = ["Base Defect","Gap Associated to Req(SR)","is duplicated by"]
issue_type = "Epic"
dimension = true
multiple_values = true

When the Issue links are imported, it is necessary to combine the Issue dimension (which filters by Gap issue type) and the new dimension “Epics of a Gap”.

For the second report:

Need more information on this case. Please write to for this.

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