Linked Jira Issue and Insight object with common field


I have a Jira Issues with a Custom field called “Assigned Group” and i have an Object called “Groups” in Insight with three attributes ​called “Group” “Jira Group” and “Cost per hour”.

Its possible to link Jira Issues and attributes of “Groups” through of the text field “Jira Group” which is the same value that “Assigned Group”?

I want to get a report in EazyBI where we get the cost per hour for issue based on the “Assigned Group” specified on its insight object.

Is it possible? Can we mix both cubes?

Thanks in advance!!


There is a new feature in eazyBI version 6.2 allowing to do that.

Please, check the documentation: Insight Asset Management - eazyBI for Jira.

I have an Insight custom field of the Owner object and an integer attribute Rate for it. I added the following advanced settings:

Then I run data import twice, first by deselecting the Owner field from import (eazyBI drops the field) and then rerun the import with the field selected.

Now I can look for the Owner rate with the formula:


The following is the formula for Issue rate:


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thank you so much for your answer, but in this case the custom field “Assigned Group” of the Issue is a text field and i have an object in Insight called “Groups” with an attribute “Jira Group” text type. Is possible to link in EazyBI Issues and Insight attributes of Groups with both fields of text type?