Linking Active Directory details to a Jira user report

We are using eazybi along with jira to do reporting.
There is a report I need to create which displays the amount of work logged by a user in tempo timesheet, however it is imperative that the manger of the user must also be present as a column in the reports. I would be able to find those manger details through the Active Directory, however I was wondering how I would be able to map said details to a user on eazyBi?


Such a use case can be implemented with the help of the additional data import.

We cannot suggest which would be the best option to extract data from Active Directory for data import into eazyBI. You could either use the REST API if such are available, or you may generate a spreadsheet or CSV file holding the user ID and the manager name.

With such a data source, you can import the manager information into the Logged By dimension as a new property for Logged By dimension. The data mapping could be the following:

Janis, eazyBI support