List assignees from one jira project only

Hi, New to eazyBi and would need some help on the below issue

We had created an account which had 2 projects linked to the account, and the total number of assignee/Users was 35.

The other project wanted to separate account and reports, which we completed. The other project which separated out is listing the correct number of users from its project. However the other account reports still shows the user count to be 35 and all the users from other project are shown in this.

No issues has been assigned to the users from the project which was separeted.

How can i get the user count to match the project, the number of users in the old project is 25 so the existing account should show 25 users instead of 35.

Hello @njp

Please try unselecting the “old Project” form import options (Data from Jira), import your data again and check whether that gives the correct amount of Assignees.

Best wishes,

Elita from

Will there be issues with the existing reports if we follow this method? Should be take a backup of the dashboard before unselecting the existing project and reimporting?

PS: out of the 2 project we have already removed one project and created a new account (which is working fine), now we have only one project in the account

Thanks in advance!