List issues by Issue Type, and sub-tasks of that Issue Type

Hi. I realise this is probably simple, but can’t figure it out.

I am trying to get the Hours Spent for Jira issues with an Issue-Type of ‘Project’ plus the Hours Spent on sub-tasks with a parent who’s Issue-Type is ‘Project’

Please can someone give me a steer.


Hi @SDI,

In eazyBI are available two measures, “Hours spent” represents logged hours on an issue itself and “Hours spent with sub-tasks” represents logged hours on an issue and its sub-tasks.
There are more details on each predefined measure:

For your report, you might want to use measure “Hours spent with sub-tasks” and filter data by Issue Type of parent issue, in your case Project. Then measure will return logged hours on Project issues as well as on Sub-tasks under project issues.

Zane /

There is related topic how to get logged hours on specific issue type and subtasks with calculated measure:

Thank you - that is incredibly helpful. That is working for me now.