List of different Issue/Issue Types with Due Date and Progress on it (For 'Epic' type)

I am struggling with this for a very long time.
I have a list of issues with due dates. We have many issue types and I want to show the progress (based on #children done) for issue types that are “Epic”. We have Due dates for multiple issue types and I want to show them on the same list. When I calculate the progress it is always zero since the Epic children do now show in the list.

Help is appreciated!


Hi @Ofer_Cohen

You may want to use Issue dimension Epic hierarchy Epic level members in the report so the issues would be grouped under their epics, and you won’t need to filter the report by issue type; then issues of all types would be included in the report.

You may want to check our demonstration report, where the epic progress based on the progress of the issues in this epic is calculated:
You can export the report definition and import into your account:
Export and import report definitions.


Thank you very much :slight_smile: