List of used plugins in jira over a period of time

Hi ,
We wanted to know that which plugins are being used over a period of time in our Jira. Lets say for example we have 16 plugins installed in our jira. We wanted to know in those 16 plugins which are mostly used and rarely used for current month or current year or current week. Please let us know if there are any dimensions or measures available to move forward with our case. Looking forward for your response. Thankyou!

Hi @arru1516 ,

eazyBI app could report on various topics once the data is imported into the data cube.
You seem to be looking for something similar to eazyBI usage statistics but for multiple plugins.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Atlassian team has not yet created a standardized approach for gathering the plugin usage data because various plugins leave traces in different places and ways.
The Atlassian ticket [JRASERVER-63461] Plugin Usage report - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products. is still gathering interest.

There might, however, be some ideas or suggestions on the topic on the Atlassian community site.

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