Log rotation and retention configuration

I am trying to defnine a retention policy(clean up) for the logs generated by eazybi with jira.
In the eazybi documentation i find a section about logs location,naming ,etc, but i don’t see any configuration options .
So could you please advise if there is any option to configure log retention policy for eazybi logs? Currently i see that the logs are rotated by some process ,but I am not able to find the settings used.
P.s eazybi runs in a child process .

Thank you !

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Hello @lakomnik,

eazyBI log files are shifted by eazyBI on a weekly basis, and at most, 10 log files are kept for each log file type - web, queues, child (in the Data Center for each file type for each node).
Currently, this is hardcoded, and there is no way to configure this behavior.

Best regards,
Jānis Baiža
eazyBI developer