Logged By No Show Data

Please help me to solve the following problem. When selecting logged by, it does not show the data of the users who have uploaded hours with Tempo. And we need to display the report, discriminating by user.

We need to be able to do the following, but in Eazy BI, can you help us?

Hi @Mane_Martinez ,

Unfortunately, the provided screenshot does not provide many details for identifying the cause.

You might do some troubleshooting steps to identify the possible cause.

First, try re-importing all data to ensure data consistency between Jira and eazyBI data cube.
Full data re-import.

Second, you might build the same report from scratch - with the same measures, dimensions, and page selection.
Can you expand the All users dimension now?

Third, if you cannot see any users within the ‘Logged by’ dimension, you might check with your IT administrator team about your data access role in eazyBI.
The Data access role might restrict access to some dimensions. You might read more about that here - Data access roles.

If none of that worked, please send the report definition along with the screenshots to the support e-mail, and we will try to look into it.

Oskars / support@eazybi.com

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