Mapping many statuses with one In Progress status

How can I create the following report through eazy bi

X = Time

Y = Number of issues was in one of the following statuses (Open, under implementation, under testing) is specific time.

Hi @fshahwan89,
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Starting with eazyBI for Jira version 6 (released today) and already available on eazyBI for Jira Cloud,
we have sample report that might be exactly what you are looking for, it shows how many unresolved issues were in different statuses over time.
Here you can see detailed instruction on how it is built, so you can change it if needed -

Also, you can simply export/import this report definition into your account -

But if you have the latest eazyBI for Jira version and you have selected to import Sample reports then it is available in folder Samples Jira Issues.

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