Mapping multiple API calls from rest API

We are working to import and build reports from TestRail using the rest API
First attempt is leveraging two APIs using JSON.
Then trying to combine the data for EazyBI

We are some some trouble, e.g.
first API simply has testcase data and includes a ‘milestone ID’
To get data regarding the milestone, one has to query another API with the milestone ID
We are pulling both but having trouble properly mapping the data.

Hi @Owen,

Have a look at the eazyBI documentation page regarding data adjustments with custom JavaScript code -

In the example, the getDocument function is used to retrieve Sprints from by Board ID’s that are retrieved in the original REST API call. The use case is quite similar to yours.

Roberts //

Thanks Roberts,

From a developer working on the import,
fetching some data from an TestRail API, which I have configured, now in the data part there are some reference ids for which I need to call another API to fetch corresponding data for the ids

as of now I’m just trying to check how we can use getDocument function to fetch data from another API,

results = getDocument( “”, {ignoreErrors: [400]});

I’m not getting logs for the above mentioned example