Mapping of Organizational Hierarchy to Jira Project

Hey dear Community,

I’m currently struggling to create a report on top of our teams hierarchy.

We have the level of Division → Group(s) → Team(s).
A Division can have many Groups and Groups can have many Teams

I’m trying to import Division on the Issue Cube as a Property of Project (which works based on Project Key mapping). Though now the question is how to I map now Groups to Divisions and Teams to Groups.

Maybe I’m also thinking this from a wrong angle.
Any hint or advice is highly appreciated.


I’ve come along the above information, so my understanding is, that this is currently not supported. There is only the possibility to import one level.

Found here

Can somebody confirm that? And maybe share an update from the eazyBI Roadmap?

Hi @felix.geelhaar ,
Yes, you have found the correct answer. It is not possible to create multiple-level hierarchies in custom fields.
Currently, I don’t have any estimates on when this feature could be implemented in eazyBI.

Gerda //