Mdx formule to show the description in the worklogs of tempo timesheets

For worklogs in Tempo Timesheets, there is a property called “Description” that I want to utilize in my reports within eazyBI. In these reports, I aim to display the description for each issue for which the user has entered time on a specific date.What’s the formule MDX that could help me to show description in my reports

Hi @khadija,

If you have Jira Data Center version, Tempo worklog data comes together with the issue data. Therefore, you might try this option to import the description/comment.
​Please read more about that in the community post here - Worklog comment import - #3 by martins.vanags.

​However, the Tempo data for the Jira Cloud version is retrieved via separate data requests from Tempo, and the description/comment is not a part of that data request. Therefore, you might not get the description data in the Cloud version.
I upvoted the fea​ture request in our backlog, but I cannot say when that might get implemented.

​Oskars /

Ok, thank you very much for your respond

Greetings y’all!

We have just released a new improvement for eazyBI on Jira Cloud.
Now, importing Worklog Descriptions on Jira Cloud using Javascript code in advanced settings is possible.

Please see more details here:

Martins / eazyBI