Mdx script to get the exact date of next month from a particular date

Suppose I have a date picker customField name “3rd Month” and it has a date 14/Feb/2023.
and I want function/mdx script that shows exact date from the the present date of that field.
like the value should be 14/Mar/2023.

Hi @Sambhav

Please check if your custom field “3rd Month” is imported in the eazyBI. If it’s imported, you will find the property named “Issue 3rd Month”. Consider using that to get the same day, only a month later.

The function you are looking for is DateAdd, which adds to date, in your case +1 for the month (m). And DateParse, to get your date from the property “Issue 3rd Month.”

The formula should look something like this:

DateAdd('m', 1, DateParse([Measures].[Issue 3rd Month]))

Change the formatting of the measure, if necessary. For example, to have the date 14/Mar/2023, the format should be dd mmm yyyy. I’m adding the picture for the reference where to add custom formatting.

Please double-check the measure name in the formula.