Measure Average Age per Label

I’m new to eazyBI so please forgive me if this sounds stupid.
I’m using a very basic Jira kanban board but to make it fit our need we have defined different labels to be used for our tasks. I need to measure the average age of tasks per labels…
In our eazyBI dashboard, there is an option under Measure dimension called “Avg Age Workday”. Here it is:
[Measures].[Issues due created timestamp] /
[Measures].[Issues due]
I have Measures dimension in column and Labels in Row.
Can I do this to measure the avg age per label correctly?

You can use Labels dimension on Label level on Rows and use default measures with this. For every single Label, the default measures will work as expected.

However, avoid using Total row. It will give you duplicates as Labels is a multi-value field and for some reports, it could double count issues with several labels.

Daina /

Thank you @daina.tupule… As I mentioned i’m very new to eazyBI. Can you please be more specific? what do you mean by default measures? I’m trying to measure the average age for each label…
When I use the mentioned measure above in my post, and a label changes the age wouldn’t reset to zero. It is being added to existing age.