Measure by Fix Version in different status

Hi Guys,

I have an issue that is associated with a fix version, in that issue I have a custom field number.
I have multiple issues with that custom field.
However I want to have the sum of all the values if the fix version is in status “Unreleased” by project. = Consumption
   [Measures].[[V2]] Consumption resolved] >0
   [Measures].[[V2]] Consumption resolved]

I played with dragging the fix version into the rows dimension without success.

My feeling is that I need to add in the filter something to filter by Fix version as well.
Then I need to add a “AND” statement with something similar:

[Fix Version.By status].CurrentMember.Name = "Unreleased"

Can you pleas help in adjust my calculated member formula?

I have found the answer in the following link:

Just need to create another row with the fix version and a calculated measure as suggested there.

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