Measure count custom field on specific issuetype


I am new to eazyBI, so apologies in advance if my question is very basic, but couldn’t find similar topics. I have eazyBI configured with Jira.
In Jira I have multiple projects with different issue types that have different custom fields.
By default the custom fields are filled with (-1).
I need to get by project in a given specific issue type the TotalPurchase value, if there are more issuetypes of the same type for a given project it will be the sum. (I don’t want to consider when the value is -1)
I also need to get by project the sum of the Consumed for the other different issuetypes, again not considering when the value is -1).

The structure in jira is the following:
Project -> IssueType1 -> TotalPurchase (custom value)
Project->IssueType2, IssueType3, etc -> Consumed (Custom value)

As you can see below if I get the custom field measure on the resolved or created date I have a table by project similar as this:

What I wanted, is to have in “all issueTypes” is: 4 and 4. Disregard the -4 to the count.
I have tried with the below measure as well, but, although on the details it show 0, the total is still 0.
[Measures].[TotalPurchase resolved] <= 0
[Measures].[TotalPurchase resolved]

I am not there yet, but the next step is to do the % of total consumed value.
Any help here will also be appreciated.

Thank you, and let me know if my text is not clear enough.