Measure on a reduce set of Issues

I am trying to setup a burn-up chart over a defined period with given set of sprints. I have the time with day hierarchy level on rows and a given set of sprints and given set of time period in pages (both are new calculated members based on aggregate).

I have one measure that shows the cumulative story points resolved. Which is working well.

But I would like to add another measure for cumulative story points resolved but only for a given set of issues (which were part of the set of sprints at the start date of the time period). There is no custom field on our side that allows to get this information directly.
I have tried to define a new measure by filtering all issue which are matching previous conditions. However this cannot be solved because of the amount of issues.
So I defined a new calculated member for Issue dimension with an aggregate of the known list of issue matching the conditions. Then in measure I use a tuple with this specific dimension (reduced set of issues) and the cumulative story points resolved measure. I was hopping to fully speed up the system by drastically reducing the issues scope. Sadly, this looks not efficient, the system is really slowed down…

Is there a better to achieve this without any java script ?

Thank you

hi @Mathieu

All calculations that iterate through issues are slow, as they always iterate through all issues.
You may want to check out another community thread with a similar issue (and formula):

There are limitations to how far you can optimize measures, therefore, yes, sometimes precalculation (JavaScript on eazybi side or, for instance, ScriptRunner on the Jira side) is the only way to get a result fast.

If you need our assistance in figuring out if you have room for the report/calculation optimization, please export the report definition and send it to

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