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Hi there,
I’m very new to Eazybi - i just read a lot of documentation, but I struggle to create the report i was asked for.

Basically, i need to create a report that will tell how many tickets from a specific project are in the statuses: “Done”, “Closed”, “Resolved”, or “Canceled”.

What i did until now: From “Measures” i have tried to create a calculated measure, so i can select only this statuses, but i get a lot of errors - wrong syntax or things like that, can someone help me with an example on how can i select and display only tickets in those statuses?


This is an example of how we capture Jira Open Issues

How did you select only the specific statuses?

Hi @Albert_Manuel,

Just like @morjo02 suggested, you can move the Status dimension to the report columns and expand it. But there are multiple options to achieve your requirement. I will share one other. It is similar to the one shared before but with an option to select the statuses necessary for display.

You can select the Status dimension in report rows and expand it. After that, select the “Pages” option. That will also add the Status dimension to the report pages, allowing you to select the desired statuses. See the screenshots below:

I recommend the training video series for newcomers - Training videos. You can learn valuable concepts and approaches there.

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