Measure that returns a single instance of a specific FixVersion

I am trying to create a measure which returns all issues due that has a single instance of a specific version in the Fixversion/s field when I select that sepcific Fixversion/s as dimension.


You can select the “issue” dimension at issue level in rows and “Fix version” in pages.
Then select also the “Issue fix versions” measure in columns.
Next, create a new user-defined measure with the following code:

[Fix Version] = "Version"
[Fix version] = 
[Measures].[Issue fix versions]

Finally, filter your report by a new column (issue fix version filter > 0)
After the filter condition is set, it is safe to click and remove the unnecessary columns from the report.

Note, it would work only for single version filtering.

Martins / eazyBI

Thank you!

Actually, what I am trying to achieve is that from the FixVersion field where there are multiple fix version values, how do I get a list of issues where there is single instance of specific version? As an example:

  • FixVersion field has following values “xv1, yv1, xv2, yv2…”
  • A calculated FixVersion Dimension with aggregate function which Aggregate versions as below

v1 = xv1+yv1
v2 = xv2+yv2

When I select v1 as calculated dimension, it should give me a list of all issues where there is single instances of xv1 and yv1 and when I select v2 it should give a list of single instances of xv2 and yv2. Is there an array function I can use to fetch that single instance of specific version from the value field?

The Fix version is a multi-value Jira custom field, and there won’t be a simple solution to achieve your goal by just using custom calculations.

The best solution in your case would be using Javascript in advanced settings to import a new “Fix version flat” dimension from a calculated field and use the setting multiple_values = false.

See few examples of Javascript fields here: JavaScript calculated custom fields

Unfortunately, there is no example ready to use in your case.

That would generate all the possible fix version combinations in a new dimension.
For example, if issue has 2 fix versions “xv1” and “xv2”, there would now be a new dimension “Fix Version Flat” with a member “xv1,xv2” and then you can create aggregates in the new dimension to group results by required variations.

Martins / eazyBI

Martins / eazyBI

Thank you so kindly.