Measure to count number of subtasks of specific issue type per parent issue

Hi there,

I’m trying to create a report which will give me the number of subtasks of specific issue type per parent issue. In the screenshot below, I have the parent issue on the left-hand side. The first parent issue has 4 subtasks, of which 2 are of issue type Risk and 2 are of issue type Dependency. I would like to create measures which show how many subtasks of each subtask type there are per parent issue, i.e. 2 in Dependency Subtask column and 2 in Risk Subtask column.

I tried to use variations on code below, unfortunately I didn’t find anything that would work.
([Measures].[Sub-tasks created],
[Issue Type].[Dependency Subtask])

Help will be much appreciated!

Hi @bar368,

The calculated measure “Dependency Subtask” looks for issues with type Dependency Subtask and that also has some subtasks under it. As Dependency subtasks are sub-tasks themselves and can not have any other sub-tasks, the calculated measure returns no data.

To make this work, you might want to use the Sub-task hierarchy in the Issue dimension. And then you may use measure Issues create for the calculation to represent subtasks with a particular issue type. When using a hierarchy, measure values are automatically aggregated from lower hierarchy levels. In this case, the measure “Issues created” would show one for the issue itself plus count of sub-tasks under it.

The calculation might look like this:

([Measures].[Issues created],
[Issue Type].[Dependency Subtask])

The report might look like in the picture below:

Zane /

Hi Zane,

Thank you so much for your help, this works perfectly!

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Hi @zane.baranovska ,

Can I get the complete query and where I need to keep that query and Can I get any sample report on the same. also if you could help me with the Resources assigned

Maheshwar Reddy

@MaheshwarReddy The given codefor the calculated measures is a complete query; the rest of the report is drag-and-drop functionality to put dimensions and measures on the report.
If you are new to eazyBI or calculations, here are more details described in the documentation:

Zane /

Hi @zane.baranovska,

Is there any measure that allows me to obtain the same results that you show but instead of selecting the category sub-task → parent, select the section where it says select all member at level → Issue ?