Measure With Insight (Assets) Attribute in JIRA Issues Cube


I have a demand to build a report (Table) with issues from specific project. The colums of this reports are symple like Issue Summary, RequestType, Assignee, Reporter, Resolutions Date, etc…

However, the user need to information about Department and Manager of the reporter users. I have this information in a Insight Custom Field that I set automaticaly with the same reporter user (Employee CustomField - 11311).

I imported customfield and attributes in the cube with code below and I can use in Hierarchy level.

insight_object_attributes = [
{name = “Department”, data_type = “string”},
{name = “Manager”, data_type = “string”}

But I need to use the information of these hierarchy in a calculated measure. Someone can help me?

Columns Employee Department and Employee Manager need to be completed with Asset Attribute

Hi @lincoln199222,

You can show the imported properties of employees (asset fields). The tricky part is to find the right Employee based on the employee name as you see it in the report.

Expression to show Employee manager might look like this:

--generate the full name to find an employee member in Employee dimension 
  "[Employee].[" || 
  [Measures].[Issue Employee] ||
--when employee member is found, get its property Department value

Zane /

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