Measures do not work after bookmarking new issues

I have created a Features in Progress report with bookmarked issues that works correctly. When I modify the report to add additional bookmarked issues, the Hours Spent and Remaining estimated hour measures no longer display even though the measures are selected.

I also made a copy of the original report and the measures disappeared as well. In the example, KPN-10187 and KPN11537 have hours spent and remaining estimate hours in the original report. Does a new report need to be recreated each time or is this some sort of caching issue?

Hi @salipour,

In the report, measure binds data together and represent them from different points of view (dimensions). Measure value changes according to selected values in dimensions, like project, time, issue type, etc.
Please see the documentation for more information on measures Hours spent and Remaining estimated hours and relation to dimension:

There is no need to recreate a report each time you would like to run it. You can build a report as you find it useful and save the changes. eazyBI basic concepts and how to build reports are described in the documentation:

Zane /