Measures from status

Hello, I need some help.
I need to create a measure to show statuses by category in percentage, for example: %pending, %in progress, %completed. I want to show this in a only column. Also, if there is a better way to do this, other than creating a measure, please let me know.

Thanks in advanced.

Hi @Fernando,
If you are using the Status category, then you can use this report from the eazyBI demo account: Project progress % - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI
The idea is to use a bar chart with options stacked and percentage selected from the toolbox.

Export the report definition and import it into your account to see how it looks with your data.

If you want to learn how this kind of report is created, you can see a similar report that shows the percentage per Fix version (but you can use another dimension instead of Fix version): Version progress %

Gerda //

Hi Gerda, it helped me a lot. Your classes are great too.
Congratulations for the great work.
I enabled cycle time and used the following measures: Issues on pending items - Issues in progress - Issues on completed items. It worked, but the only thing missing is that this measure does not account for the status of the epic. Can you help me?
best regards

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Hi @Fernando
Thanks for your feedback, it is always nice to heart that our work has helped!

Can you share your report definition and the Jira worklow for epics? Also, please include printscreens on how the data looks in the eazyBI report.
If the information includes something that you cannot share publicly, then the best maybe would be to share it directly to and reference this conversation.


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Hi Gerda,

I will do.

Thank you.

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