Measures Results Appear Switched

I have two charts that are using the same measures - LT and CT. The results display correctly on one chart (Features) but are switched on the second chart (Support). The results for LT are in the CT column, and vice versa. I have removed and recreated the measures and there is no change.

Hi @salipour,

eazyBI does not swap measures. But measures values are changing according to report context, selected values in dimensions.

From the screenshots, I can see that dimensions used as filters are different in both reports. For example, in the “Feature (LT, CT)” report, is selected specific periods from Time dimension; in the “Support (LT, CT)” report, is selected a set of particular Sprints, which affects calculated measures LT, CT differently than Time dimension.

Please see the documentation where are described measures and explained their relation to Time dimension and Sprint dimension.

If you would like further assistance to understand the behavior of calculated measures LT and CT, please share formulas for calculations and which dimensions you are using on pages and rows.

Zane /