Measuring Story Points for cases that Transition To a status

I am looking to create a (weekly) report that reflects current Story Points on cases that transition to a status.

In the attached example, it shows issues closed and story points closed per week. I’d like to accomplish this same type of view, but only for cases that have transitioned to a specific status. Also, the status I am looking to track is before “closed”, so I am interested in reporting on Story Points of the cases that hit a certain status.

Hello @Collin_Firenze ,

You can add “Transition Status” in the Pages to use it as a filter for Transition statuses you would like to view.

In my example below, I am looking at all Issues that were transitioned to status “In Progress” each week and the story points that were assigned to these Issues on each respective week.

You can read more about:

I hope this helps!

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