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I want a question. Below example, I want to subtract [Members].[C]. But, here is important things that [Members].[C] when [Members].[A] is included.
For example)
“[Members].[A] + [Members].[B] -
[Members].[A] IN [Members].[C] THEN

Please help me. I am very desperate.

Hi @bigboss,

There are several techniques for calculated measures to subtract duplicates.

  1. For the Jira issues cube, a few measures would show a unique issue count even if the issue is assigned to members A and C. For example, “Issues created count” and “Issues resolved count”. See the documentation of available metrics: Jira Core measures and dimensions

  2. you can use calculated measuresfor more complex use cases. Here are several community posts on similar topics:

You might want to watch this training video on how to translate JQL (Jira query language) criteria to the eazyBI reports and calculations for a better understanding of the data and how they are related:
Filter Data: How to Translate JQL to eazyBI

Zane /