Missing Epic Names

Hello everyone !

I am encountering an odd issue with some of my reports : some of my epics names are not displayed (cf attached image).

And I cannot understand why, these epics do have a name in JIRA and their name may be displayed correctly in other reports.

Do you know what can be wrong?
Only clue I got : It seems to happen mainly on cubes that contains a lot of data.

Thanks in advance for any response !
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Hi @Matthieu_Oudeau,
Could you please share more details about your report - what dimension is selected in Rows and which measures are selected from Measure dimension? The best would be if you could send report definition to support@eazyBI.com as currently it is not quite clear on how to reproduce this behaviour.

If you are using Issue dimension at Epic level, then this could be due to additional JQL in data source import that excludes specific Epic issues, but does include their stories. In that case you should be able to expand your Epic, but that doesn’t seem to be your case in the report!
More information would help us understand this behaviour!

Gerda // support@eazyBI.com

Hello @gerda.grantina,

Thank you for your response !

It could be the case, I have a custom JQL query filtering issues on which there is no time spent (Tempo add-on) for performance reasons.
I will check if this is the problem and send the report definition if it is not!

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Problem corrected, thank you very much !

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Hello @gerda.grantina !

Thanks again for the solution provided above it solved my problem of the missing epic name.
However, as I deleted my filter on ticket having time spent I am beginning to face blocking performance issues : my report falls in timeout error almost every time.

Is there a way that I could import only tickets with logged time and their upper hierarchy (i.e. Epics for User Stories or Epics and Users Stories for Subtasks for example)?

Thank you in advance for your help !