"Missing or invalid license information" on Get Started window

I installed eazyBI on our development environment and was approved to be promoted to our Test environment.
After performing the installation and have collected the new evaluation license, the message “Missing or invalid license information” is displayed on the left corner of the Get Started with eazyBI window.

I have already disabled/enabled the plug-in three times without any luck.

What should I do to remove this message?

Probably I should to cancel this one, but I prefer to have this added to the common knowledge.
The solution was this:
Go to settings, then click on the tab License, then click on Update license settings.
The error message now is gone.



I am happy to see you resolved this problem by yourself.
Indeed, sometimes the eazyBI license is not full loaded and then these steps (you already managed to do) should be performed.

Martins / eazyBI Support