Missing Quarter and Months in Time

For the year 2022 I can’t select Q1 or Jan & Feb in the selector (Hierarchy Level Members), while there is data and it’s visible. The other years are fine. Is there something I have to adjust for 2022?

When I use Individual members everything works, but I like to select Hierarchy Level Members, so I don’t have to adjust my reports every year by adding a new year.


One reason for missing members in the dropdown might be related to the Nonempty pages option:

Please, apply for support if the problem persists.

Janis eazyBI support

Nonempty is not activated and there is for sure data for January and February 2022

We’re experiencing the same issue. Is the root cause identified?
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Sorry for the trouble.
Please, apply for support, we might need to check the problem in more detail.


Janis, eazyBI

Hi @Henk , @_P3

I can confirm it is a bug, unfortunately. The bug seems to be reproducible once you apply some changes to the member selections in the report pages (e.g. switch nonempty/empty). If you refresh the report, it seems to be working almost fine

We will keep you posted once the bug is fixed.
Janis, eazyBI support