Mondrian Error:Level names within hierarchy '[Sprint]' are not unique; there is more than one level with name 'Sprint'

ı got the below errors. We can’t use the system now. I checked the same projects boards and sprint but i can’t fix. do you have any suggestion?

 "account_id": 14, "database": "dwh_14", "user_id": 2, "root_cause_message": "Level names within hierarchy '...

“account_id”: 14,
“database”: “dwh_14”,
“user_id”: 2,
“root_cause_message”: “Level names within hierarchy ‘[Sprint]’ are not unique; there is more than one level with name ‘Sprint’.”,
“root_cause_backtrace”: [
“exception”: [
“mondrian.olap.MondrianException: Mondrian Error:Level names within hierarchy ‘[Sprint]’ are not unique; there is more than one level with name ‘Sprint’.”

Do I understand this correctly? Do you get this error during the import? It might indicate problems with the data structures in the database.

Please reach out to with this problem. Please send eazyBI log files (Troubleshooting).

You can send them via email or upload them in our contact form eazyBI.

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Hi Daina

Actually not, i can import data but dashboard or any report doesn’t open. When i check the log files i saw this error message. I clear the data files on re-import but the problem still exist

I create a new account and import data - there is no problem on that account.

Thanks for the clarification on this. It seems there are problems with the Sprint dimension definition. It might be broken. In most cases, a broken data setup is related to custom data imports in the same account.

Please check if you can reset the Spirnt dimension performing two full imports in the account.

Warning. This method will delete all calculated members from the sprint dimension. They will be stored in System events as deleted members, but you might need to restore them manually with the same name and formula for your reports to work as expected. You can also export all reports for sprints before this and import them back after Spirnt dimension is restored. If the reports will include the calculated members they will be restored with this approach as well.

As mentioned you can check if the two full imports can reset the Sprint dime sion:

  1. Please deselect Sprint from import options (any selection), save import options, and run an import. This import should delete any data structures for the Sprint custom field.
  2. Please select the Sprint back for import. Save import options and run an import. This import should create new data structures for the custom field Sprint.

Daina /

Thank you Daina,
it works.
It’s so interesting, but it’s worth noting that this error affects all reports, not just sprint-related ones.

The reports use an account schema to show any dimension and measures and related data. The scehma describes the technical structures of any dimension and measure. The sprint dimension definition is a part of the schema. Therefore, it impacted all reports.

The schema changes with imports. We allow the flexibility to add, and remove any fields, and import custom data. This all changes the schema. While we try to protect incorrect changes there, we can’t avoid them in all cases apparently.

It is good to hear the double import helped to reset the schema and reports work again.

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