Month wise dropdown on Weekly basis

I tried the possibilities below:

  • Previous quarter
  • On a monthly basis
  • then month dropdown would be on a Weekly basis.

I think that weekly basis isn’t possible as weekly would be adjacent by weeks over months. Is that still possible Or other ways like pages would have months and then the rows would be of Weeks?

eazyBI does not have an option to use monthly and weekly hierarchy together or organize weeks by month. We have some improvement ideas here, though.

I would suggest defining and using custom calculated members in Time dimension where you can pull weeks for the current month, previous month, or other periods.

You can check some example formulas for this in our demo account. For example, this example report. We are pulling weeks for the specified period, either explicitly selected period, or by current month, previous month.
You can export the report from our demo account and import it into your account. The report contains a cell formatting option available with version 6.2.

If you are on any previous version, you would like to manually recreate the calculated members in your account. You can use (copy) the formulas from our demo account, though. We have example formulas for the Current quarter by weeks and the Previous quarter by weeks in the dimension Time.

Please check the calculated member setup there. You would like to use the Time weekly hierarchy (selection next to the calculated member’s name) for this calculated member. It should show up under the weekly hierarchy after defining the calculated member.

Daina /